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How to prepare for the coming CPU confusion

The server-side software industry is about to switch from x86 to ARM CPUs. How can you get ready for this big change?

Books, Elevators, and Serverless Data Platforms

Symphonia's September 2020 newsletter, with some thoughts around hybrid architecture strategy

Serverless, Testing, and two Thinking Hats

A strategy for considering serverless and testing, which bucks the trend of other opinions in the industry.

AWS Glue 2.0 - Realizing the Benefit of Managed Services

Serverless isn't just Lambda Here at Symphonia, we're proponents of all things Serverless. This means that in addition to technologies like AWS Lambda, we make heavy use of managed backends-as-a-service that address concerns like scaling, resource allocation, and process management, while giving us and our clients granular billing with minimal fixed costs.

Cloud Coffee Break, Episode One

Hi everyone, Mike here! I've been missing chatting to folks at conferences and meetups, so here's a little experiment. Broadcast from my own home, it's “Cloud Coffee Break”!

Analyzing Cold Start latency of AWS Lambda

Deep dive into cold starts, with some surprises related to regions, volatility, and ‘cool’ starts

Serverless Chats Podcast: Programming AWS Lambda

Chatting with Jeremy Daly. We get into testing; why & how to avoid building “lambdaliths”; cold starts; architecture; and more.

Debugging AWS Lambda functions with Thundra

Debug cloud-deployed Lambda functions from your IDE

Our book with O'Reilly - "Programming AWS Lambda"

All of our knowledge of running AWS Lambda with Java, wrapped up into 250 pages!