Announcing Serverless workshops!

Level up your team with Symphonia

Jul 12, 2017 · 2 min read

Symphonia is pleased to announce an addition to our suite of services— private Serverless workshops, carefully designed to give your team the Serverless skills and knowledge they need to accelerate business value delivery for you and your customers. We bring our world-class Serverless experience and hands-on, collaborative teaching style to your company, at a competitive price.

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While we're happy to customize both the content and length of a workshop for your specific requirements and timeframe, here are our standard sessions:

Half-day Serverless Introduction:

For teams that want a great foundation, we deliver an introductory workshop which covers the fundamentals of Serverless architecture, and includes guided development of a simple but extensible Serverless application.

Full-day Serverless Tutorial:

For teams that are ready for more advanced Serverless usage, we extend our half-day session and dive deeper into topics like error handling, monitoring and metrics, and infrastructure as code. We also cover a broad range of Serverless components, including messaging systems, databases, and object stores.

Two-day Serverless Masterclass:

We call it a Masterclass for a reason — our most advanced workshop offering brings the full breadth of Symphonia's Serverless expertise to the classroom. In addition to everything we cover in the full-day session, we address continuous deployment, and the operation of complex Serverless systems at scale. We also cover the future of Serverless, and the impact of this new paradigm on your organization.

See a sample two-day workshop outline here:

Fully custom sessions:

We're also able to build a curriculum specifically for your needs. Areas can include deep-dives into particular technologies like AWS products Lambda, DynamoDB and Kinesis; architectural seminars; and software delivery lifecycle impact for managers and executives.

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