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Sep 7, 2017 · 6 min read

Here at Symphonia we're glad that we're able to put a lot of articles, videos, and code online. After all, our mission is not just to work with our clients, but to also help advance our industry.

This page is a comprehensive list of what we've put online related to our business. Where the content is not free we mark it explicitly, but otherwise you're free to use and share this content. We will update this page as we create new content.

We hope these articles, videos, and more, are valuable to you. If you have any questions or comments please drop us a line at .

Introductory material

This is ‘100 level’ content where we introduce Serverless and other related topics.



Starter Technical

Here we get you up to speed with some particular technical aspects, like AWS Lambda.




  • AWS Lambda: Developing Serverless Applications with Java — A complete online training course. Available as part of your O'Reilly Safari subscription here, or directly on Pearson informIT here. More than 3.5 hours of practical video instruction on AWS Lambda, the aim throughout this course is not to give you just cookie cutter examples but instead to give you a thorough understanding of the Lambda platform and programming model, so you'll have confidence building your own Serverless applications. (paid content)
  • Java + AWS Lambda — John gave this talk introducing these topics at the NY Java SIG in early 2017.
  • Fearless JVM Lambdas— Think the JVM and AWS Lambda is a terrible combination? Don't worry — it's not nearly as bad as you think. And often times they're a wonderful match! This is John's talk from Clojure/West in early 2017.

Technical Deep-Dives

In these topics we drill intro the nitty-gritty of certain tools and technologies, using our decades of experience to go beyond the documentation.


How do we combine Serverless, and traditional, technologies together to create great applications? There's not enough knowledge in our industry to give a thorough answer to this question yet, but we can start, and here are some of our thoughts on the matter.

Organizational Impact

To use Serverless, and the cloud, effectively you need to think about more than just technology. Here we address areas like DevOps, agile practices, and more, to help you best adjust your organization's structure and processes to make the most out of these new technical opportunities.


  • The Future of Serverless Compute— We stared into our crystal ball at the beginning of 2017 to imagine where Serverless could be headed, including what effects it may have on companies.
  • Agile Won - How agile methodologies, and the cloud, have combined to revolutionize our industry, especially in massive companies like Comcast.


  • Continuous Experimentation — The combination of Serverless, Modern Agile, and DevOps has the power to redefine how we approach product delivery. There are a couple of versions of this talk, one from Goto Chicago, and a slightly shorter one for a more Serverless-savvy crowd at Serverless Conf Austin.


We produce a regular newsletter, Symphonia's Serverless Insights, which you can sign up for here. Back-issues are listed below.

Podcasts & Interviews

We love discussing all of this stuff with friends and colleagues, and we've been honored to have been invited to speak on a lot of podcasts & in interviews, as follows.

Open Source

From our Github: