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Some new Serverless Architecture videos from John and Mike

Hi everyone. It's been a great, fascinating, and busy 2019 for John and I (Mike) at Symphonia. You'll probably be able to tell that we haven't had too much spare time because of the lack of updates around these parts!

Revisiting "Serverless Architectures"

I started writing “Serverless Architectures” in May 2016. At that point I'd recently finished up at my previous job, had just been to the first Serverlessconf, hadn't done much writing in a while, had some time on my hands, and so decided to put a few ideas together.

My keynote on Serverless from O'Reilly Software Architecture NYC

Last week I gave my second O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference keynote, giving an introduction to Serverless with some new thoughts that John Chapin and I have been mulling over the last few months, including unifying themes across various Serverless products.

Serverless Architectures

Last summer I wrote a multi-installment article on Serverless Architectures. Those that follow me online will know that I've become even more excited about this topic since then to the point of starting a business in this area with my good friend John Chapin.