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Five New Supported Tools for Ship

Early Access support in Ship for CircleCI, Netlify, AWS CodePipeline, Azure DevOps Pipelines, and Semaphore CI, providing cross-tool build monitoring

Introducing Ship

Today I'm excited to announce a new app named Ship. The goal of Ship is to help software product teams communicate more effectively about their Continuous Delivery processes - increasing deployment frequency, reducing cycle time, and giving a new place to celebrate success.

How to prepare for the coming CPU confusion

The server-side software industry is about to switch from x86 to ARM CPUs. How can you get ready for this big change?

CodePipeline Versioner

AWS CodePipeline is AWS’ CD orchestration tool. We're fans of CodePipeline at Symphonia : we use it with our clients, and on our own projects. To read a quick overview of CodePipeline see this earlier article that I wrote.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery on AWS

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are techniques that I've had a passion about for a long time. Back in the Dim And Distant Past of 2003 I even co-led an open source project that brought some at-the-time interesting innovations to this area.