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Interview with the O'Reilly Programming Podcast

Mike spoke with Jeff Bleiel at the O'Reilly Programming Podcast. Thorny questions that came up included comparing Microservices with Serverless, and a discussion of why we don't consider Container technology to be Serverless.

Podcast Interview with Pythian

Mike talked with Chris Presley at Pythian on their Datascape Podcast. Chris has a data focus, and it was interesting to chat about Serverless with that in mind.

John Chapin featured on the Cognicast

Symphonia's John Chapin was interviewed by Stuart Sierra on Episode 127 of the Cognicast podcast, talking about world travel, jazz music, and all things Serverless!

Podcast Interview with Stelligent

Mike and John chatted with our friends at Stelligent — Paul Duvall and Brian Jakovich as part of their DevOps in AWS Radio podcast series. We covered a lot in this conversation!

Mike interviewed on 'Software Engineering Daily' — Aug 23 2016

Mike spoke to Jeff Meyerson at the Software Engineering Daily podcast about all things Serverless.