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Cloud Coffee Break, Episode One

Hi everyone, Mike here! I've been missing chatting to folks at conferences and meetups, so here's a little experiment. Broadcast from my own home, it's “Cloud Coffee Break”!

Analyzing Cold Start latency of AWS Lambda

Deep dive into cold starts, with some surprises related to regions, volatility, and ‘cool’ starts

Serverless Chats Podcast: Programming AWS Lambda

Chatting with Jeremy Daly. We get into testing; why & how to avoid building “lambdaliths”; cold starts; architecture; and more.

Debugging AWS Lambda functions with Thundra

Debug cloud-deployed Lambda functions from your IDE

Our book with O'Reilly - "Programming AWS Lambda"

All of our knowledge of running AWS Lambda with Java, wrapped up into 250 pages!

Some new Serverless Architecture videos from John and Mike

Hi everyone. It's been a great, fascinating, and busy 2019 for John and I (Mike) at Symphonia. You'll probably be able to tell that we haven't had too much spare time because of the lack of updates around these parts!

AWS Lambda Reserved Concurrency

Lambda is a wonderful platform. However, it is still in its early years, and has a number of limitations and rough edges. One of those edges — that of the ability to overwhelm downstream systems with unfettered load — got a lot smoother at re:Invent 2017.

Serverless 'Glue' apps in AWS, and sending Slack notifications for Code Pipeline Events

When John and I give our introductory presentations about Serverless we list 3 typical use-cases: Web apps / web APIs Data Pipelines ‘Glue’ apps This last category is one of the most popular usages of Serverless that we see at present.

AWS Lambda LiveLessons

John and Mike are very excited to announce their first online training course. AWS Lambda: Developing Serverless Applications with Java is a complete online course that takes you from first principles, through to advanced topics.

A flurry of updates

Over the last couple of weeks we've had a lot of articles and videos published on other sites, so here's a roundup : We published an article with O'Reilly — Using serverless architectures to build applications with AWS and Java .

Speaking at NYC Java SIG — Feb 2 2017

Mike and John spoke at the New York Java SIG, giving an introduction to Serverless, and then some detail using Java and AWS Lambda. See their talks below!